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CCleaner is probably the world's most famous cleaning tool and the one Windows users turn to most to solve their space and performance problems. Thanks to its varied and efficient features, it's only logical that it ranks quite highly among the world's most-used cleaning tools. Now, as if all that weren't enough, CCleaner is available in the cloud, allowing you to work with multiple computers simultaneously without the need to install anything. CCleaner Cloud will help you to get rid of possible threats to your system remotely, via your web browser.

It's always advisable to have a maintenance tool installed, as you never know what might happen to your system. In case you need to use a cleaner but don't have one installed, the only things you need to use CCleaner Cloud are an Internet connection and a browser. Before getting started, you need to wait a few minutes for the service to connect to your PC to analyze all the important data. After this scan, you'll see a total of six tabs with all kinds of information about your PC.

The first tab, Summary, includes basic information about your operating system and multiple parameters updated in real time, like CPU usage or RAM, bandwidth used, or available hard drive space. The Hardware tab includes advanced information about your computer's physical components as well as controllers and associated drivers. As for the third tab, Software, it includes interesting features like the option to kill running processes, remotely install software, or search system updates. You can find most of the options included in the original client in the next tab, called CCleaner. The interface is practically the same as the desktop version, so you won't find it very hard to get used to.
Clean computers remotely with CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner is a cleaning tool par excellence. This free software from Piriform lets you do an endless array of maintenance tasks on your machine, and after many years improving the desktop client and the recent launch of its official Android app the developers have now decided to make the jump to the cloud. CCleaner Cloud is a new variant that lets you remotely manage and clean machines from any web browser.
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Pro version offers a 15-day trial period and can be used on up to three computers.

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